Sunday, January 4, 2009

3rd of Jan - Linus's wedding.

Linus and Eileen got married. My family and I arrived PJ around 11 something, and by the time we arrived Mummy's home (Mummy is my GRANDmother, nt my mother XD) it's almost twelve I guess. We couldnt be there any earlier bcause my dad just got back from Banding on the 3rd. The young happily married couple just got back from the church, not long after us, along with other family members, and guests too. So we had lunch together, and aftr a few hours, everyone went back home to get some sleep, and prepare fr the night's function.
My fav taiko *Check out his shirt yo* HAHA
Of course, Linus and Eileen didnt rest, fr they're juggling around with all the excitement of experiencing their big day. By 4 something in the evening, the hairdresser, wedding make-up artist, came to get Eileen beautifully prepared.
Mandi dan mandi, by 5pm aku start bersiap, haha aku pulak lebih2 kalah pengantin XD. Nahh. Guests shud be there by 7.30pm, but meeee myself and I, haveee to be there by 6. Haha. Have to help Andrea with the seating arrangement.
So by 6.10 we're there, positioning the table number in order, and hold the list of names fr each table.
Approximately there's 48 tables, fr 480-500 guests. And they have to be seated according to the coordination. Lucky me, I got the first table. Haha ala it's my uncle maa who's getting married. So my family, Fintan's, and Juliet's, are on table no 1. Mummy sat at the main table, along with the bride and groom.
By the time tetamu semua sampai, ada yang siap mcm tak puas hati pulak dpt meja blkg2 sikit. Amboi, takkan nk bagi meja betul2 dpn pentas kot X)
Gl lah, before majlis tu start lg pn kaki dh hbs sakit2, mana tak nya, jalan ke hulu ke hilir tunjuk kan table masing2. Been doing it fr almost 2 hours kot. Ok maybe 1 hour plus plus la. Anyhow, by 8.30 the ceremony started. The couple walked in, diiringi muzik siod gempak doh *damn i loveee the deejay* haha. Then comes the speech by my father, as the eldest brother of Linus. Next, Prem giving the toast. Champagne timeeee. Oh and potong kek, wajib XD Toast Some of the performances Proposal *wink* Haha Linus tunjuk cara propose Eileen to marry him, atas pmintaan ramai ;) Dance bebeh Lots more, but cudnt really tell it all here. Sweet memories take like forever to be talk about, but need just a second to be thought of ;) Ok crapping. Short way of saying, ItWasDefinitelyABlastIndeed :D Aww I missed them already. All the best fr Linus and Eileen. Next wud be, hmm my guess, wud be you Suren? X) Ending ceremony dh jd mcm clubbing, haha even Mummy joined, menari yo mcm gila. Niceee job, deejayyy :DD


chuel said...

nice :)

Shahrul Azry said...

u bile lagi?? :P
ronaldo pon dh nk khwin :P

Poison Flower said...

lu kahwin ke?

Liyana said...

Never been to any non-muslims wedding in Malaysia. Really wanna go and see our diversified culture!

Juliana Edgar said...

Thnks to the main planner, mmg superb.

You tny lg bt apa Rool? You tw kn CR dh nk kahwin, agak2 ngan siapa?
aku prasan gl XD

Haha sioddd bkn gua lah, pakcik gua. Gua bwh umur, belom pass nk kahwin haha.

Yeah go go Liyana! X)

chuel said...

CR bukan gay ke?

Juliana Edgar said...

HAHAHAHA tidakkkkkkk!

Shahrul Azry said...

ceh perasan btoi bdak bawah umur ni! :P

lionel messi jgak stay single!

Juliana Edgar said...

HAHAHAHA siod ah