Monday, November 3, 2008

When men are no longer gentlemen.

I was at Coffee Bean this afternoon. Lepakkk. While chatting, my eyes wandered around. Yea KEPOCHI me, ahaha. I looked at the counter, and saw this one couple. Around my age, I guessed. They bought one drink, tataula ape die. ONE drink? Ok got it, BUKAN kedekut, they're just some loving couple tht share drinks. ;p Hey sharing is caring kan? Whtever. Thts not the main point. Wht was Im kepochi-ing about was about the one who paid. It was the girl. Fine no prob with tht. Kalau mmg she's the one whos willing to do so in the first place, then nothing to be fussy about. But the real thing is memula tu tht girl was like waiting for her boyf utk kluarkan wallet, byr. Yet, mamat tu bole mcm buat bodo, muka slamba, mintak tht girl byr. Err like hello?


kuzaf said...
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kuzaf said...

we have some kind of charming power yg buat gf sggup bt aper sj, what to do. (you dh delete my earlier comment smpai hati isk)

esok jgn tny naper glove golf tu koyak!! ;-p

lisa zubir said...

Betul ju wth!