Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why girls like guys.

Its fun to keep the momentum going on fr this topic, fr more and moreeee reasons keep popping out ever since this topic been discussed.
Why girls like guys?
  • They always wear your fav cologne.
  • The way they run their fingers thru your hair.
  • The way they kiss away your tears.
  • The way they get mad when they cant make your prob go away.
  • The way they make it their personal mission to ensure tht you are never cold.
  • Tht confused look they get on their faces when youre mad at them- guaranteed to make your heart melt and the anger fade away. *Wink!*
  • The way they always let you win any game you play together. . And when you point this out, they pretend not to know wht are you talking about. Ahaha cute
  • The way they call to apologize after you had a big fight.
  • The way they wud die before saying "I love you" in front of their friends.
  • The way they comfort you when you have had a bad day.
  • The way they say "I miss you" eventho they hate to admit it.
  • The way the hold you when youre crying.
  • And the way they think theyre your big protector. (:

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KudeeN said...

mak aii dpt scrt rcipe dah ar dri juuu..!