Sunday, September 7, 2008

First morning blogging since the past 3 months.

NS dah habis, memang cuti sakannn aa weh weeeehoo ! *Sigh* Missing every single moment of it tho. Plg aku rindu? Ain, Piko, Shida! My 3 spanzirrr, HAHA dont even ask ape maksud spanzir.
Siti? Nahh, i hate the new Siti. Pheww sorry. The old Siti might have been one of my good friend kat ns, but she've changed lah. ): Considering wht she had done to us, she certainly doesnt have wht it takes to be part of us anymore. She cried like hell last night, during the last NS dinner gathering. Keep on repeating the magic word SORRY. Seems like tht spell doesnt really work on us. We might said we've forgived you but yet, that wudnt fix whts broken. All tht she had ever sputtered were full of lies. And she talked awful things behind our back! Perghhhh pandai putar belit. She was angry tht 4 of us tak geng skali ngan die. Err like hello? Mulut dh mcm sial, ada hati nk menggentel kunun mengaku cam bestfriend aa, WTH LA WEH. The only reason kitorang kawan ngan die was because of Farah, there i've said it.
Farahhh aku rindulaa weh asal balek kl cpt sgt ):

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