Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Chapter.

Hollaaa ! Gheez. Just got back from NS. Havent online fr the past 3 months. Cud see tht lots of new breaking gossips had popped out ever since. Btw sorry, I have to remove my older posts, for seems like someone had been stealing my stories and published it as her veeerrryyyyy own real story. Guess I wud have to renew my blog la adoi. Mcm sial. She even used photos of my friends and I ! Pffft. And sorry for still hiding those comments. WILL expose it ahaha, somehow a bit later, no worries. Kinda busy juggling with stuff right now. Anyways, thanks fr reading my blog which sometimes you might find it getting personal, but trust me, its SO not. Theres more to my personal life thingy which you wud never know. Yeah fine, im arrogant. Wonder how my friends cud ever stand me fr years. Pofh, well done, HAHA. Back to the topic, this blog was created in purpose of sharing stories with my friends. Real friends. My highschool mates, college buddies. Those who i'd knew since kindergarden, and yet still in touch till now. Or those who i'd might just met yesterday, but getting along like we've known each other since forever. Not to be forgotten, crime partners of mine during my stay in Sarawak, KL, Perak, Pahang, PD, Penang, PJ, and lots more. Yeah, i'd moved on a lot. Getting pretty tired of it. Hmm. But hey look at the bright side, having friends all over Malaysia is not tht bad after all. *Wink* Loving it, instead. (: Enough with all these craps. Here comes some bullshit stories of mine. Enjoy.


KudeeN said...

i da tgk blog minah tu..mona tnjuk.u da block die blum.

Juliana Edgar said...

Yeap dah. Tukar password smua. Dh private balek.

kuzaf said...

tipu tipuuuu nie x privte pn huh