Thursday, July 30, 2009

Top 10 WORST TANS (as voted)

There is no denying that celebrities love being tanned. And who can blame them. It's definitely smoking hot. So whats the problem?

Well people, when a tan job is botched, it can be particularly embarrassing for all concerned. Check out these top 10 worst tans.

Number 10 : Posh Spice
Im sure you're SPICE-y enough now.

Number 9 : Donald Trump
Fake tan job? You're certainly great in making money and investment, but this is something that you shouldnt be wasting on.

Number 8 : Simon Cowell
How's the feeling of being criticised? I guess its karma. But hey. You know I love you XXX.

Number 7 : Janice Dickinson
Lose that big smile. You aint winning anybody's heart.

Number 6 : Xtina Aguilera
Xtina's own husband has spoken out and said she uses too much fake tan. Personally, I can't really see what he's talking about?

Number 5 : Lilo
Lilo had released her own brand of fake tan. No idea bout you, but after seeing this, Im pretty keen to go and get some!

Number 4 : Kourtney Kardashian
Sexy wannabe? She should have learn more from Kim.

Number 3 : Donatella Versace
Err . . Oh nice bikini.

Number 2 : Katie Price
People with sensitive retinas may wish to look away ; the light could burn your eyes.

Number 1 : Tara Reid
What's a 'WORST LIST' without featuring our old friend Tara? Well, congrats for kicking off the list.

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